Bespoke  shelving unit in Elm, re-imagining a mid century design

For those with a discerning appreciation for mid-century design, this piece will evoke a sense of familiarity. I have reimagined a geometric room divider originally crafted by Ludvik Volak for Drevopodnik Holesav. The client had a deep affection for the original design's shape but desired a wall unit that drew inspiration from this iconic creation while harmonizing with the cabinet we had previously made.

While our adaptation maintains the spirit of the original, several notable distinctions set it apart. The original was fashioned from laminated plywood and possessed a relatively slender profile, whereas our rendition is meticulously crafted from solid elm, measuring 180mm in depth. Furthermore, we've adjusted the overall proportions to seamlessly integrate with the specific alcove in which it will be placed. However, despite these changes, we remain dedicated to honouring our source of inspiration.

Our commitment to honesty extends through every facet of our work, from the choice of materials to the methods of construction, and right down to the core ethos of our design philosophy.

Price: £12,500 + VAT