Brass stands as a remarkable material, boasting both beauty and versatility. Despite its elegant appearance, it possesses a surprising softness that allows us to manipulate it with ease on most of our machines. This flexibility enables us to seamlessly incorporate brass into our projects, adding subtle yet transformative details that can alter the tone of a piece with effortless grace.

In addition to machining brass ourselves, we've also engaged in collaborations with foundries and forges to explore its potential further. Together, we've delved into the realm of hot metal, crafting textures and forms that embody a captivating blend of controlled chaos. This process of mediated randomness yields outcomes that are both distinct and harmonious, each resulting entity bearing the mark of its own uniqueness.

With these collaborations, we've ventured beyond conventional boundaries, channelling the beauty and malleability of brass into bespoke door hardware and other exquisite accents, enriching spaces with touches of timeless elegance.